Sales admin (Hà Nội)

Sales admin (Hà Nội)

Apr 15,2021


Work place: 36th floor, Keangnam 72, Phạm Hùng

Job Description:

- Assisting the sales force with daily sales administration activities such as: Make estimation sheet, send quotation to client, prepare bidding documents, prepare and check contract, support sales team to contact with client, manage sales documents and so on.

- Reporting monthly sales results to sales manager.

Daily tasks in details:

- Support for the sales department: preparing, checking and modifying estimation, quotation, contract, bidding documents, official letter, company profile, Report to sales manager and general director, then send to client and investor.
- Support sales team to contact customers to resolve any queries and litter problems.

- Make quotation & estimation sheet on Egis system, then transfer to Helios system

* Quotation

'- Get information from salesman and client

- Prepare estimation sheet based on the calculating CIF price on system and offer from HQ

- Prepare quotation: price table, additional relevant information and legal documents such as warranty policy, payment terms, ...

- Chase sales quotes

* Bidding Documents
- Carefully read the bidding document including all applicable schedules, clauses and attachments
- Discuss with salesman and make sure that company can comply with all the requirements and can perform the work
- Complete and include all required forms
- Submit bidding document on time
- Immediately following the time and date when the bids will be publicly opened
- Explain and clarify the bidding document after submission bid if required

* Software update and management (Helios, Egis)

* Report
- Arrange a weekly meeting for sales department
- Develop monthly & quarterly sales reports
- Update sales and customer records
- Make report to get discount from HQ (check list, project bid-status, project information)
- Make report about major client, traditional client and new client, give information and elevator market trends
- Other reports assigned by Managers

* Other jobs assigned by above managers.


• At least 1 - 2 years of working as a sales admin of a corporation

• Ability to communicate well, good presentation, fluent in English

• Good Microsoft Office (good Excel is required)

• Ability to present, express, persuade

• Honest, trustworthy, meticulous, careful.

• Excellent soft skills, capable of interacting with different types of internal customers.

• Calm, high-spirited and highly service-oriented.


  • Working time: Monday to Friday.  
  • Lunch allowances: 45,000 VND/day. 
  • Annual leaves: [under 3 years : 12 days/year; From 3 ~ 5 years: 15 days/year; above 5 years: 18 days/year]
  • Medical Care 24/7 when start working;
  • Full of social insurance as Vietnamese Laws. 


Contact: 024 62822978  (ext. 131) hoặc email:

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